About the artist

Born and educated in Edinburgh, Iain has painted or drawn for as long as he can remember. Although keen on art at school the academic and career won out and he has spent most of his adult life working in the NHS. Despite a hectic work life, Iain found time to paint and sell regularly in Lincolnshire and Scotland. He held his first solo exhibition some 25 years ago in Lincolnshire.

He left the NHS in 2008 to concentrate on his 'second career' as an artist and has now returned to live and paint in Scotland.

"I just didn’t have the head space to devote to art in those days but now I have. I had the chance to move on and devote my time to painting. No regrets other than I wish I had done it sooner.

Whether it is the awe and wonder of the Grand Canyon or the windblown nature of the Scottish coast my focus is on capturing something of my emotional response to them. I am drawn to the constantly changing interplay of light, colours and shadow and the challenge of trying to capture them in watercolour. Although I 'play' with oils and acrylics, the medium of watercolour always seems to draw me back. I try to keep it simple and if I can share a little of my feelings with the viewer then the painting has succeeded.

I now enjoy tutoring small groups, especially beginners and early developers where there enthusiasm and joy at simple progress is really inspiring. Demonstrating watercolour painting is also fun.

I am largely self taught but I have attended and been inspired by a number of short course tutors. There are so many really great watercolourists about and they all challenge me to try new approaches and develop but I can’t help but come back to the works of Trevor Chamberlain, Heaton Cooper, Seago, John Yardley and Claude Croney as some sort of yardstick”.